Friday, 7 December 2012

Learning Essence to be Added to My Life Juice

Hi all e-mates,

I learnt a lot in this course. When I failed, I kept continuing. After two or three weeks, I felt so much motivated that this course became my priority. I feel in love with the web world tools embedded in the course.

Time was a great constraint for me. I tried best to manage time effectively. When there is a will, there is a way.

I learnt so many new fascinating tools. The more I got absorbed int his novelty, the more layers were opening up. This tech - teach world was amazing. I finished this course with open mindedness, perseverance and confidence.

I tried to become comprehensive and all - inclusive. I tried whatever resources I could. They were fun. Often, they were so enhancing that once I commenced using them, I became a firm believer that I would use them forever in my future academic enterprises.

I kept looking closely for what was to be studied each week. The course page each week offered me a blueprint of my weekly study schedule. Trust me, I enjoyed almost all the suggested reading/links. They would remain in my knowledge treasure forever as precious assets.

I tried to share your idea and opinions, reflections and reviews, experiences and learning. Sometimes, I failed to be so active in discussion due to my Doctorate occupancies. Discussion Threads and Blog Roll proved to be interactive and collaborative platforms that at the end of the course you felt as if I had just arrived at my home town airport after having passed almost two and a half months at University of Oregon itself with all my e-mates all around the world.

In fact, form the discussions and blogs only, I obtained the idea for my Final Project. I tried to incorporate all my learning throughout the course in the final project. My final project has not ended yet. I will keel updating my online course in future, too. I got highly benefited referring the past learners' projects.

Once I started taking interest in the course, all other preferences and priorities got subsidiary. I feel that I have reincarnated as an ICT proficient innovative e - teacher.

I am a staunch supporter of online education. Traditional in-class learning in the brick and mortar classes is also having its own significance  However, I do not hesitate heralding the efficiency, efficiency, productivity and magic meaningfulness of online education.


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