Sunday, 28 October 2012

Class issues to be solved with technology

HI all,

This week was heavily loaded. I did retrospection to find out two major problems to be solved out whit the help of innovative use technology for the final project.

As of now, I am teaching a group of thirty students online. Their age varies from 15 to 55.
They are from Asia as well as North America. The group includes:
·         Students
·         Professionals
·         Housewives

The course goal is: To teacher English Communication skills that can help then practically in their daily life.
The student needs are: To improve English communication skills so that they can use them in fulfilling their daily needs, necessities and requirements.

There are two issues or problems that I am currently facing, and technology might help me to solve them.
The first one is student-oriented and that is motivation. They have already registered in the course, but they do not feel so much motivated. They do not complete the tasks within expected time frame. Few of them keep on disappearing and suddenly re-emerging after e-mail reminders. I need to do something that keeps them engaged with the course closely. I also wish that they finish the course on time with satisfaction that they have learnt something.

The second problem is teacher-related and that is tracking student process. Some students are regular, and they do their work regularly. However, I am struggling with the idea that how can I have a complete understanding of their development in learning. How can I measure out that they are really learning something to improve their English communication skills, and how can I have a true estimate at the end of the course that they have e-learnt substantially in this regard?

These two issues can be solved only with the help of use of technology which match with need-driven technology project. This is my need to drive the solution or technology that I choose to use, and not the other way around. I really don’t want the solutions or the tool to be imposed upon the class simply because it is new, exciting or available. On the contrary, I need new technology based solutions to solve these issues. There is a clear reason to use the technology I choose for my project. I hope that this makes my need clear.


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