Friday, 12 October 2012

Research paper on multiple learning styles of online learners.

When I was doing my internship as a part of College Teacher Training Program at George Brown College, Toronto, I published a research paper. This paper highlights a field trial of an online course as an integral part of my PhD research. When I initiated the trial, I faced a lot of problems as a facilitator. The participants were not participating enthusiastically. As a consequence, I had to find some modus operandi to make the course more interactive, collaborative and interesting. As the first and foremost strategy for this, I decided to accommodate various learning styles of the learners. On the basis of my extensive academic experience, I modified the content and included more interactive and collaborative activities that can address and embrace most of the learning styles. As a result, I was able to run the field trial successfully, and the participants felt motivated to start and finish the course. I have tried to include the findings and conclusions which I inferred on the basis of this practical research experience. My findings were substantiated by academic scholar’s views and opinions regarding multiple learning styles. I thought to share this paper with my e-mates as it is regarding accommodation of multiple learning styles of online learners. I would appreciate if I receive some feedback on it. However, I request you to disregard the first introduction because the publishers published it by mistake. Please continue from the second introduction.


  1. Hi Jit: Thanks for sharing you expertise. I am sure we will find your ideas particularly useful when we reach week 8 "Learning Styles" as the topic in our class.

  2. So nice of you to share with me that my ideas might be helpful when we will discuss Learning Styles/

    Thanks !