Saturday, 20 October 2012

Online learning, powered by broadband technology and the other new tools of the Information Age, is making it possible for all human beings to overcome barriers, to access the education they need to succeed, to step inside online classrooms, to learn from top teachers, and to improve one’s life and achieve our personal ambitions as a fundamental dream in the 21st Century.
Online education by higher education is part of a much larger whole in which the expectations, quality, communities, and content of online delivery are affected by the actions of approximately 100 million people who now make up the Internet world. It would appear, then, that student interactions with professors can be meaningful either in person or online. The medium does not determine the outcome; rather, the quality of interaction depends on how the medium is used. Moreover, technology may allow instructors to tailor education to the individual in a way that would not be possible in a traditional classroom.

One of my online publications seems to be precursor of whatever I have been learning in this course so far. Therefore, I thought it to be proper to share it with my e-mates of this course. All comments or suggestions are highly appreciated, and they will sure contribute in modifying and moulding my online teaching philosophy.


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