Saturday, 17 November 2012

"A learner's motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with study mates and the teacher"

Project # 6

t is said that the internet is transforming society and shaping the future through chat.

After I made a provision of discussion, some student themselves suggested me to do something so that they feel free to interact and collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously. I asked for the feedback from them only what to do and how to do to solve this issue. One student suggested going for chat provision while another suggested providing a facility of making synchronous live audio – visual calls through Skype. Those learners who were traditional reading and writing learners suggested going for chat while those who were audio visual learners advocated the case for audio visual calls through Skype. I made provision for both of them. I also observed the proceedings or movements there for a few days. Many of the learners started using chat box while few others actually made live calls through Skype. However, the frequency of synchronous or asynchronous chat is higher as compared to the actual Skype calls.

Consequently, I am becoming convinced that the more you make online courses interactive, collaborative and student centered, the more you get your students motivated, inspired, responsive and responsible.   


  1. Hi Jit Shalin,

    The idea of discussing learner autonomy with the students and experimenting with them the suggestions they give is really very practical. Unless our learners like an idea it may be difficult to implement it. The effective and involved attempts to use the chat and skype call provisions show the different routes our learners want to follow the reach the gtoal of learning.

    Hats off to your students


    1. Hi Smiles,

      I appreciate your response.



  2. Hi Jit,

    It is wonderful to know the response of the students as you floated the new idea. I have never tried it. Thank you for giving a new idea.