Sunday, 11 November 2012

Formative feedback is like playing in mother's lap - Project Step # 1


I am facing a student – oriented problem and that is motivation. They have already registered in the course, but they do not feel so much motivated. They do not complete the tasks with expected time frame. Few of them keep on disappearing and suddenly re-emerging after e-mail reminders. I need to do something that keeps them engaged with the course closely. I also wish they finish the course on time with satisfaction that they have learnt something.


I have brain-stormed some solutions to make the course more interactive, collaborative and student-centered. This can definitely help me to inspire, encourage and motivate the learners to learn and finish the course.

Step # 1

I should begin two fold communication channels for feedback. First, the participant would be sending their feedback so that I can have approximation what they actually like or dislike, so that I can modify my strategies accordingly. Simultaneously, there should be some provision to give my feedback on their performance so that I can guide and motivate them to go ahead in the course successfully.

Action and result:

I have made a provision for two fold communication channel. Before, they used to do exercises, send them to me, and the there was a breakage of communication between me and them. Whenever I was able to find some time, I used to assess the exercises and send the result or score to them through e-mails. Between these two points of time, there was a long silence and no communication between the teacher (me) and the stakeholders (students). This was not creating a mutual close bondage or a bridge between us; everything was happening as if it was a formality to finish the exercises and then forget.

However, now we feel that there is some strong solidarity between me and the students. As soon as they send me some exercises, I assess them and send my feedback. This is naturally known as formative feedback, and that has motivated them a lot. There are two advantages that I am enjoying now:

I have become regular in my assessment and also in sending them my formative and constructive feedback.

They have started to receive my feedback and that too on time. I think now they are in the know of what actually is their progress, what they should do in the event of anything going wrong or not according to our expectations, and which strategies they should adopt if they are not able to achieve expected result.

It seems that this provision has definitely motivated them substantially, and both I and they might get good benefits for the remaining course. 

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